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KFW SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES’ Slit Lamp is ophthalmic equipment which is used by ophthalmologists for examining the eye. The Slit lamps have magnification between 1x & 1.6x one can choose the magnification between these ranges. The eyepiece pair is included with 10X & 15x magnification range, it comes with optional application tonometer, beam splitter, CCD camera adapter, and CCD camera for taking the video image to a cctv monitor.

The illuminator controls the beam aperture size and also the beam width which helps in projecting the beam of light on the affected area. Slit lamp is also available with the beam splitter with camera adapter.

Binocular Microscope

Binocular Microscope

Eye Pieces                  :     10x, 15x

Objective                    :       1x, 1.6x

Total Magnification   :     10x, 16x and 24x

Illumination Unit

Slit Image Rotation : 0 to 180°

Tilting Illumination : Up to 20°

Filter Disc : Cobalt Filter, Green Filter, Yellow Filter. Natural Density and Open Aperture

Slit Diaphragm Disc : Six apertures of 12, 9, 7, 3 and 0.2 mm and a Wedge shaped diaphragm of infinitely variable slit lengths

Halogen Lamp : 12 Volt 50 Watts

Standard Accessories

Replacing Lamp one piece for illumination unit
Replacing Mirror
Plastic breath shield
Testing Rod

Dust Cover and Fuse