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ophthalmic operating microscopes for sale are available, that too in discounted rates. We are ophthalmic instruments company in India. Our Surgical Microscope with built in Halogen illuminating lamp helps in focusing light, on the affected area of the eye. Flexible portable stand is also provided for easy handling. Surgical microscope’s magnification helps in assisting in operating affected areas during the surgery.

An ophthalmic microscope is specifically designed for surgeons and is monitored by assistants to perform the critical examination and surgeries of eye. This may include cataract detection and surgery, diagnosing ailment in eye, viewing retinal images and performing other eye examinations. Moreover, our product is known for its flexibility, outstanding surgical performance, versatility and high-reliability cum durability. It helps in capturing smooth images, video making, imaging performance and documentation. One can check ophthalmology microscope price from our experts and get discounts on bulk purchase.